Best 72 after 24

Daytona International Speedway in Florida, USA needs no introduction. It’s got long established heritage and is a world renown racetrack. For some who may still wonder why, I’d simply give ONE reason – every year in January it becomes the New Year’s Gate into North American racing season when it hosts the longest, the toughest and the only race of its kind over here – Rolex 24 hours endurance race, sometimes referred as American Le Mans.

To be there as a spectator is an experience beyond compare for anyone who loves automobiles and motorsport. But it can also become quite a challenge to withstand – a proving ground for your hardcore fan’s enthusiasm. To begin with, not everyone is prepared to stay up for more than 24 hrs to follow the race, which starts in the afternoon on Saturday and finishes on Sunday afternoon. More to it, if mother nature decides to play some tricks – you better be ready! This year she brought winds, cold (4ºC) and rain so heavy at times, they had to slow down the race with the yellow flag. And all that time, if you want to be on the track – you are pretty much outside! Now, can you imagine doing any sort of work around the track, let alone driving these brutal machines over 100 mph for hours straight?! Volunteers, crews, marshals, photographers, video operators, of course, the drivers – it gets super tough on everyone. Still, it was A LOT OF FUN to be there and to photograph the action all night long! Huge thanks to everyone for your enormous efforts in delivering such a fantastic event! Best of luck for drivers and teams for 2017! YOU ARE ALL HEROES!

Click here to see the gallery with my best 72 photographs from this race.