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20K words of love

Along with an ol’ good saying “picture worth a thousand words”, here is my 20 thousand words of love to my MINI. We’ve been through thick and thin and we’ve got quite a story to tell. Many thanks for being with me and huge thanks for coming back when I was stupid, which was twice already. You’re not always easy to live with, but you’re certainly the one that’s impossible to let go. You are my soulmate, true friend and you’ll always deliver. I know, I should be honoured. Thank you for all the incredible fun behind the wheel and that silly grin you […]

True mini

I was just strolling back streets of my cute little town of Dundas the other day and bumped into this beauty. You can’t help admiring the true mini that stormed the motoring world at the era of everything mini – mini skirts, mini dogs, mini cars… The owner came out welcoming me to take photos of his pride. I learned the story of his car, that it’s sadly going up for sale and into its winter storage soon – we had a nice little chat, in the little town next to the little car, that was conceived with a pencil and a little napkin […]

Looking swell at 74!

It always amazes me with the old machines like this. It’s not the shine that makes them pretty, but rather the stance and body shape. And when they do shine!.. oh, boy… Behold!

2016 British Car Day

It was very nice to catch up with my friends from Southern Ontario MINI Club and head down to Bronte Park for this fantastic event. My Vespa was a breeze to ride in this convoy of MINIs! 🙂 For me it’s always a thrill to be here and admire so many cherished and loved Stars of Great Britain’s motoring history! Hope you will enjoy this little Gallery.          

Here is to life!

The Hippie Bus for sale! Found on the side of a country road. Waiting for new gen hippies who can leave their pokemon filled smartphones behind and go for real LOVE and PEACE filled adventure called LIFE!